Friday, July 31, 2009

Three blind mice by Agatha Christie

An entertaining short book around 125 pages in small format, it's easy to read and good for a day when you want to rest or relax and take off your mind of anything pressing.
The crime story starts off with Molly and Giles, a couple who are new to running a small inn in their own house.
They opened it in a harsh winter and their first guests happen to be strange people: Christopher Wren the playful redhead young man from Wales, Mrs. Boyle is accustomed to giving orders and is never satisfied, major Metcalf seems holding back something, the shrewd satyrish alien Mr. Paravicini seems too much interested in women. A snow storm cuts off the inn from the outer world... Dear stumbler I stop here with the details in order to let you discover and enjoy reading the book. Still I only mention that "Three blind mice" was made into a radio play by BBC in 1947 for the 80th birthday of queen Mary, mother of the British king George the VIth. She replied to the question, what kind of play she wants by telling "something by Agatha Christie".
Later Christie turned the book into a play with the title "The Mousetrap" and since it's London premier of 1952 has been the longest running play.
I uploaded the cover of the Hungarian translation of the novel titled "Három vak egér" of course the meaning is the same. Three Blind Mice (St. Martin's Minotaur Mysteries) at Amazon.

Három vak egér - Hungarian edition of Three Blinde Mice


  1. Had no idea that was the origin of The Mouetrap! Thanks for the information :--)

  2. Erik--Nice to 'meet' you on twitter, and great blog! Marking to read it ALL as soon as I can.

  3. Choose2BHappy thank you for your comment. You have also an interesting blog. I hope you will get some good reading tips here.