Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God's Hell

I've skipped reading the Bible for many years. I am not a disbeliever but I cannot be counted as a churchgoer. Yesterday I attended a kind of informal preaching titled "Where are we heading?" if I recall it correctly. One bottom line was that for non believers eternal torment awaits in hell.
I put myself the questions: if God is the outmost goodness and righteousness can He allow to exists eternal sufferance? For finite sins is it correct to receive everlasting punishment? I have never believed in the existance of hell, I've allways thought of it as an everlasting death.
Is my belief correct? I don't know. But what I can say that there is a multitude of expressed opinions from theologians for and against the existance of hell and some even admit that for this there is no clear answer in the Bible. At least I can provide some links to read and think about.

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  1. I don't wish to offend the owner of this blog in any way, merely comment on a few things mentioned in this post. Despite the fact that I'm a churchgoer, I as well believe that God is the outmost goodness, but he is nevertheless righteous: he cannot "say" to someone who raped and murdered a little girl and got away with it: "OK my son, it's quite all right what you did, you will end up in heaven side by side with the little girl..". A monstrous idea, isn't it? Righteousness would demand some kind of punishment for him... The idea of a finite sin is again arguable: when you steal something, the goods can be returned or payed for..but how do you ever return or replace the little girl's life from my previous example? Finite sin...with (ever)lasting consequences... An eternal death would be again not too bad, if you think about it. You die and have no worries whatsoever further on. A convenient situation, in my opinion. I don't know how hell looks like, it might not be the fiery place described in mythology. I just believe that God gives us millions of opportunities in our lifetimes to be sorry for our sins and gain belief in Him before it is too late. After death the opportunities cease and sinners are punished... in one way or another...

  2. Dear Anonymous thank you for your comment. But what about those who have not committed any of those crimes you described? What about those who led a decent, righteous life but did not believe in Jesus Christ? According to you they would deserve eternal torment in hell as sinners who did not repent. And you know the only way is through Christ and by not acknowledging Christ they excluded themselves from salvation. Where would you place them rather if you had a choice ? In hell or eternal death? Or you think they will go to heaven? ;-)
    Don't you think a religion which believes in eternal hell is based on fear?

  3. Dear Erik, sorry for my delay in answering. I believe a certain amount of fear is necessary... What would happen if people didn't fear the laws or rather the cosequences of breaking them? A state of anarchy would break out. It's somewhat the same with religion. If people didn't have anything to fear, walking the path of Jesus and hating sin (not sinners) would loose its importance. I'm not saying that demons walk the face of the Earth and drag you to hell if you don't believe in Christ (that would be fear), but each of us will be some day judged. One thing I know is that there aren't three choices after death: some going to heaven, some going to hell and some getting eternal death. And it's sure not up to me to decide where each sinner should be placed for their deads.
    Living in this world we commit sins one way or the other of which I'm sure we are not proud of... even if we lead a decent life. My religion says that salvation is only possible through Christ and He is ready to forgive any kind of sin, be that greater or smaller,if one is sorry for it and asks for forgiveness.